Specialist techniques employed are embroidery, applique, beadwork, sequins, crystals and fabric manipulations that are designed in an innovative way to provide trends for fashion and interior houses.

Shimmering Snake

Inspired by ancient Chinese silk embroideries, the snake is one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac that symbolizes supernatural powers. This metallic snake gleams a shimmer in silver, gunmetal and gold threads. Scales are slivers of matte and shine intricately sewn to create dimension. The fiery red mouth and eyes make an impact against a cosy black wool base.

Lip Service

On a white jersey base, sumptuous crepe de chine appliqué lips delicately hold an embroidered rose. Metallic stars and musical notes dotted throughout create tongue in cheek playfulness.

Bejeweled Bee

This embroidered bejeweled bee stands out against a black wool base. Decadent draped strings of silver balls and seed beads connect the jeweled motifs. Touches of intricate cutout trim frame the jewels.

Heirloom Fleur

This piece takes inspiration from 19th Century English Victorian embroidery, which is characterized by images of wild flowers, oak leaves, berries, corns and ferns. In the example shown, a delicate tea stain organza base was used and highlighted with colorful cotton anchor thread embroidery using satin running and chain stitching. Touches of geometric motifs in gunmetal thread give a modern spin.

Monsoon Petals

The colors behind this piece were taken from a balmy monsoon summer spent in Mumbai. The streets were waterlogged but brightened by orange and yellow marigolds strung together to form temple garlands. Soft lilac organza base was used with a mix of flat and raised satin stitches to form the flower petals. Stitched mesh and French knots accent the flower center. Areas of cutwork frame the flowers.

Organic Blossoms

Inspired by abstract bold flower shapes and texture. The heavy pile of mohair yarn in lilac gradient colors contrasts against the light criss-cross and ladder cutwork on a black chiffon base. Centers of the flowers are highlighted with dove grey cotton anchor thread.

Artichoke Floret

This swatch is influenced by Art Nouveau style, natural forms and curved lines. Sweeping satin stitches against delicate mesh cutwork and solid crepe de chine create floret shapes. Scalloped edges frame organic leaves which are appliquéd onto organza.

Geometric Motifs

Inspired by Ukranian folk geometric embroidery, this cosy navy wool fabric has geometric motifs highlighted with satin and running stitches. Triangle and square mirrors enclosed in gunmetal thread add shimmer.

Folk Flourish

This all over embroidery is inspired by Slovak folk motifs that typically depict ornamental floral and geometric motifs. Triangle shapes are rendered in a soft chestnut velvet applique against a dusty lilac organza ground. Satin stitched leaves with areas of ladder cutwork create lightness. Glimmers of geometric mirrors and metallic silver and gunmetal star motifs create sparkles.