Welcome to our blog 'Travels in Textiles: a color story'.

'Mystical Pushkar'


Pushkar is a mystical town in Rajasthan, bordering the Thar desert. It encircles a holy lake, thought to be formed when Brahma the creator dropped a blue lotus flower there. Follow me as we wander the whitewashed colorful lanes and get lost in the sun stroked ambience.

'Spiritual Sahdus'


A sadhu is a holy person who dedicates their life to achieving moksha, which is liberation from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. They wear the holy color saffron and cover themselves with ash, representing their renunciation of the material world. The muted tones of ash and touches of saffron contrasted against the backdrop of Varanasi. These are one of the many images that inspired me.

'Feeling Blue'


The blindingly colorful winding streets of Varanasi are a melting pot of locals, pilgrims, sadhus, cows and goats galore. Unwaveringly chaotic, a stimulation for the senses. I captured this photo of my cheeky guide against a brilliant blue wall.

'Kedar Ghats'


Stepping the line at the colorful Kedar Ghats of sacred and spectacular Varanasi. Pilgrims come to carry out the intimate auspicious bathing rituals of life and death in the holy river Ganges. A spiritual experience, prepare to be blown away.

'Embellished Kutch'


Kutch, a beautiful arid desert in Gujarat, India, is renown for it's elaborately embroidered textiles and embellished mirror work that is ingrained in everyday life. Many hand embroidered ethnic styles have evolved to represent the signatures of different tribal sub groups. Come explore with me and discover the resplendent colors of India.